Unveiling Clara’s Plans: Tailored Pricing for Your Office and Event Needs

Discover Clara’s tiered pricing plans crafted to fit your office setup and event planning needs, without the fuss.

Make Your Space Work with Clara Office – Flexible Plans for Everyone

Here at Clara Office Management, we get that one size doesn’t fit all, especially when it's about decking out your office or pulling off an epic event. So, we’ve cooked up a variety of plans to suit your every whim. Whether you're jazzing up the workspace or planning an event that’s off the charts, our plans are as ready to roll as you are. Here's the lowdown on what we offer and how you can snap up these goodies for your business.

Free Plan – Start Smart

Kick things off with our Free Plan. Perfect for businesses sorting out their office gear or planning team events. Here’s what you get for nought:

  • Marketplace: Handpicked selection of the best office bits and bobs.
  • Free Concierge Requests: Get help from the pros at no extra cost.
  • Event Planner: Everything you need to plan your work events and socials.
  • Wholesale Service: Top-notch goods at prices that’ll have you grinning.

This one’s a no-brainer for the self-starters who still fancy a bit of a backup.

Events+ Plan – Turn Up the Wow Factor

Amp up your events with our Events+ Plan. It’s all the fab stuff from the Free Plan plus a whole lot more:

  • Event Management: Let the pros take the reins, and you just sit back.
  • Venue Finding: We’ll hunt down a place that’ll make your event pop.
  • Personal Concierge: Like having your own event wizard on speed dial.
  • Bespoke Packages: Custom-fit solutions that tick all your boxes.

And for just £500 or free if you’re planning to splash out £5000 min, it’s a steal for a bash that’ll be remembered.

Office Move+ Plan – Move Like a Boss

If you're on the move, our Office Move+ Plan is the ticket. It's the whole shebang from the other plans, plus some serious perks:

  • 360 Supplier Audit: We’ll make sure you’re only teaming up with the best in the biz.
  • Move Management: We handle the heavy lifting, from A to Z.
  • Health & Safety: Keeping it all above board with the regulations.
  • Account Manager & Ongoing Support: Your go-to guru for a smooth sail, even after you’ve settled in.

With a £2500 fee or free for a £25,000 minimum spend, this one's top-drawer for a stress-free setup.

Our Amazement Guarantee

We're dead sure you'll love what we do. So sure that if we don’t knock your socks off, you get your money back, no quibbles. Hit the minimum spend, and we’re talking credit notes, too.

Clara Office Management is here to spice up your work life, whether that’s giving your office a facelift, mastering the move, or throwing an event that’ll be the bee's knees. So, check out our plans and let’s get cracking on making your workplace the place to be.

Alex Nazaruk

Co-founder & CEO

I write about the future of work and life as a start-up founder.