Is Your Office Missing Out? The One-Stop Solution for Ultimate Employee Wellness Events

Elevate employee wellness and attract top talent with Clara Office Management's turnkey solutions.

More than ever employers are keen to help build their staff’s resilience, support their mental health and create a happy and mindful workplace. And, in a competitive recruitment market, our wellness offerings can set you apart from your rivals and attract the best new talent.

If your company wants to put wellness front and centre but lacks time, resources or in-house expertise, Clara Office Management can help. We bring the best rated and fully insured coaches and practitioners to your office and take care of all the time-consuming admin.

Get fit at work

Physical exercise is a great stress buster and helps increase the overall health of your workforce while building team spirit. 

We can arrange one-off or regular exercise classes for all levels, including boxing and boxercise, Salsa lessons, yoga for beginners, HIT, dance fit, zumba and more.

Looking for something you can’t find at the average gym? Why not Twerk after Work or try some puppy yoga, helping to socialise young pups as you downward dog. 

Build confidence 

Our personal development classes and workshops can prevent burn out while helping your colleagues combat stress, improve soft skills, and excel in their roles.

Corporate self defence classes are a great way to learn both practical safety skills and increase confidence and influence in the working world. Suitable for men and women, these workshops cover situational awareness and techniques for handling conflict and navigating group and individual dynamics. 

We also work with a life coach and psychologist who specialises in helping founders and managers become true leaders. We can also put together a bespoke personal development package for your office, workforce or team, including remote and hybrid workers. 

Channel creativity

How many of your team have a proper lunch break or take time away from their screens throughout the day? Our art therapy classes and creative workshops are perfect for in-person team building and taking a break from technology. 

For anyone looking to find inner tranquillity and harness their creativity, abstract artist Georgie Mason’s Soulful Expressions workshops - focused on finding your own artistic path - are a must. 

We also offer vintage collage making where everyone is guaranteed to go home with a fantastic wall-worthy piece of art, candle making, flower arranging and even lego-building competitions.

Find inner calm 

The wild swimmers and yogis among your team will love our Wim Hoff Breathwork class from The Wellbeing Agency. This class focuses on ‘beneficial stress’ - controlled breathing, cold exposure and mindset training - and how they can help our mind and body. 

Or we could bring immersive sound healing to your office complete with a relaxing cacao ceremony. 

And, for the less alternative, a massage and manicure could be a perfect treat after a long week.

Questions? Get in touch

Whatever your budget we can bring the best fitness classes, wellbeing workshops, leadership training, fun bonding activities and one off treats to your office. 

Still unsure what will work best for your workforce and team? Our dedicated concierge can advise you and put together a bespoke package based on your needs. 

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